Arsenal lost in extra time to Porto 0-1 in the first match of the UEFA Champions League round of 16.

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UEFA Champions League Round of 16, first leg On Wednesday, February 21, Arsenal from England visits FC Porto from the Portuguese league. In the first half, they took turns attacking and taking turns defending. But there was absolutely no team. The first half ended 0-0. The second half had very few opportunities to score. The game would end at 0-0, but during injury time 90+4 Porto came to score the winning goal from Galeno’s shot. The game ended with Porto winning over Arsenal. 1-0, holding the advantage in the first match before visiting Arsenal.

Porto scored the winning goal in extra time to beat Arsenal 1-0 in the first leg of the Champions League round of 16. last night

At the Estadio do Dragao, it’s the first leg of the Champions League Round of 16 game, with Porto taking on Arsenal. Report by ทางเข้า ufabet

Playing until the 20th minute, the home team should have taken the lead. Francisco Consaição slammed in from the right. Pepe Aquino charged and blocked the ball. Galeno slammed into the post. Before following it again, it was unbelievable.

Both teams tried to find opportunities but hardly finished as each side closed the game and committed fouls to make the opponent lose their rhythm.

In the 40th minute, Porto moved to the right again, Evanilson pressed hard, but the ball was straight at David Raya.

The visiting team tried to find opportunities from still balls. In the 43rd minute, Bukayo Saka threw a corner kick for Kai Havertz to charge out of bounds. 

In the 56th minute of the second half, Arsenal received a corner kick from the left. Declan Rice placed a long layup and it slipped to the far post. Leandro Trossar hit it over the crossbar, unfortunately.

There was no opportunity to inform at all. In the 67th minute, Pepe Aquino slapped Evanilson and shot and blocked the ball.

During extra time, Porto scored a goal from a mid-field break and Galeno spun a curling ball into the far post cleanly, leading the team to a 1-0 win, with the second match traveling to England on March 12.